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Антибактериална ароматизирана подложка за писоари
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Почистване на меки настилки, килими, мокети, тапицерии
Почистване на меки настилки, килими, мокети, тапицерии
We provide a thorough and professional cleaning all over Burgas including greater Burgas Areas. If you are looking for a quality carpet cleaning, look no further. We take pride in our work and Mik Trafik Service makes sure that carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Our professional cleaners are kept up to date with the latest cleaning methods and kow what kinds of cleaning materials to use in different carpet texture. The carpet is restored to its original glory.

At Mik Trafik Services, We have specialist carpet cleaners trained to the highest standards. We use modern powerful cleaning equipments. Our high tech cleaning chemicals are biodegradable while ensuring effective cleaning preventing re-soiling and bad smells.

We charge per hourly. However, we do on the spot assessment to evaluate the number of hours required to do a thorough carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Are your upholstery soiled with dirt, dust, stains and spots? Our skilled cleaning technicians can make your upholstery clean and fresh without damaging the fabric. Get your chairs, sofas, settees and cushions thoroughly cleaned before dirt eat them away. Hire a Cleaner now and the smell of freshly cleaned carpets and rugs.

We have a free on the spot assessment. Our staff member will visit your house or premises to do real assessment and can give you a more accurate quote reflecting all your cleaning needs. The quote given has no strings attached: the client can refuse it. In other words, you have nothing to lose. Just try out our free cleaning assessment service now.

If you want clean and fresh carpets in your home, office, restaurant, hotel or club, Mik Trafik Services are happy to help you. Go to our online quote and booking system to book a cleaner. The quote and booking system is hourly-based and it is affordable and second to none. Try it out.

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