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Почистване на офиси и хотели
Почистване на офиси и хотели
Mik Trafik Services provide commercial cleaning service such as Office, Hotel, Restaurant and Retail store cleaning. Our services customerised to individual needs can be booked online.

We have no-nonesense approach to cleaning. No corner cuttings: no half-done jobs. We carry out cleaning to the high standards with professionally trained cleaners, who will make your place clean and sparkle. They will clean and dust every corner and will leave your hotel or office spotlessly clean.

We do the following:

* - carpeted areas vacuumed
* - Dust furniture
* - Sweep and mop all floors
* - shine all hardwood floors
* - Dustbins emptied and bags replaced
* - Clean and sanitize toilets and bathrooms
* - Toiletries replaced as required
* - Empty rubbish bins

Additionally all our Office/hotel cleaning packages include:

* - Carpet stain removal
* - Deep cleaning of kitchen
* - Window cleaning
* - Chewing gum cleaning

Mik Trafik monitor the quality of the cleaning we provide working 24/7. It does not matter if it is a Bank Holiday or Chrismas. Mik Trafik is there for you when you need. Whatever your requirement, the cleaning offered is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. No job is too big or too small for us. Whatever the task, we will do it. Go to our quote and booking page and get an instant quote online.

We also offer free on the spot assessment service whereby Mik Trafik Services visit your house or corporate offices to assess your cleaning needs with no strings attatched. It does not cost you any money. If you are looking for a good professional cleaning agency, look no further. We have experienced cleaners and the lastest cleaning chemicals to deliver a sparkingly clean service.

If you have varied cleaning needs and want to talk with us about it, we are here to serve you. Call us on 056 811350 . Our staff will help you giving you advice in your particular circumstance.

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